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Process: Evaluating News

Evaluating News

Decorative fake news

We’ve built an information landscape in which ‘news’ is rapidly generated, shared, and received by a myriad of authors and platforms. As critical participants in our communities we have a responsibility to independently analyze, check, and judge the information we receive. This is a complicated process that requires a healthy dose of skepticism. This guide offers some initial steps, strategies, and tips.


  Consider News Content & Sources 

Learn to identify news sources to understand some accepted principles of professional journalism, and more.

  Dig Deeper for Fact Checking

Learn some strategies for identifying misinformation and for verifying, or fact checking, news sources.

  Define Fake News 

The term "fake news" is so prevalent in our culture at the moment. But how do we define and understand it? 

  Learn More  

Because of the popularity of this topic there is so much more to learn and read. Curious? Follow these leads.