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MBAC 6050 Strategy: Competitive & Corporate Strategy

This is the guide for Tony Tong's strategy course.

General Company Information

The 10-K is the best starting point for this kind of company research. Use the 10-K for information about the company strategy, industry, and competitive positioning, plus threats or issues they perceive for the future. The databases below have recent 10-K reports, but you can also go to the investor relations part of the company website.

Company profiles like you find in the databases below include ownership status, leadership, locations, subsidiaries, financials, and primary industry information. Use one or more of the sources below to gather all the required information.

Industry & Competitive Information

Industry research provides information about the current business environment, regulations, developments, and issues that impact companies operating within that industry. A good industry survey will explain how the industry operates, who the leading companies are, and facts about suppliers and regulations.

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