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Education: Citation

This guide provides a broad overview of education information including books and ebooks, journal articles, data and databases, and much more!

Citing ChatGPT

Follow your instructor's guidelines on the use of AI tools to complete work in their class.

When you use ChatGPT or another AI tool, keep a log of which version of the tool you use and your prompts or inputs. In addition to citing AI tools in your references, best practices for open and reproducible scholarship may include: describing your use of AI in the introduction or methods section of your paper, or including the exact text of your prompts in the body of the paper or appendices.

Example of citation for ChatGPT in APA Style: 



 Learn more:  Citing ChatGPT

Resources for APA Citation Style

Get help with in-text citations, formatting references, or an entire document in the American Psychological Association's citation format, used in education and many social science disciplines. 

Citation Managers

Citation managers can help with organization, annotation, and citation of outside sources. Many can seamlessly integrate with MS Word and Google Docs.

Further Recommendations