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BCOR 1030 Communication Strategy: Gilead Sciences Challenge

This is a guide for BCOR1030 Communication Strategy classes.

Find Articles

These are great starting points to find information on the history of clinical trials and common barriers for identifying participants. These resources cover scholarly articles, trade journals, popular magazines, and more.

Find Industry and Consumer Research

Find More Information using Google

While you must be careful when you're evaluating the authority of information found online, Google can be a great source for locating freely-available information and gathering a variety of different perspectives. Here are some techniques for searching Google more effectively:

  • Use site:[website domain] to limit results to websites of a specific type of organization. For example.
    • Useful domains include edu (education), org (non-profit, NGO), gov (government)
  • Use site:[website URL] to locate information on specific sites or domains. For example.
  • Use intitle:[keywords] to limit results to sites containing certain words in the title of the page. For example.

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