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BCOR 1030 Communication Strategy: Consider a Career

This is a guide for BCOR1030 Communication Strategy classes.

Industry Outlook

Jobs and Skills

TIP: If you are not finding an entry level career or job posting through one of these resources consider identifying a large company within your industry and looking at their corporate website for open positions. Also consider searching by job title in Glassdoor or Payscale to get an idea for what entry level positions might be titled.


Work Environment

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Verbal Citations

General Tips:

  • Tell the audience your source before you use the information (the opposite of in-text citations).
  • Provide enough information about each source so that your audience could, with a little effort, find them. 
  • If your source is unknown to your audience, provide enough information about your source for the audience to perceive them as credible.


  • Include the title of the book,year of publication and a brief mention of the author's credentials. Ex."In his 2005 book, Eating to Be Smart, Charles Larson, a registered dietitian, notes that consuming yogurt…”


  • Include a quick statement of the author (if relevant) as well as the (full) date and title of the source. This applies to both print sources and those found in the Library Databases. Ex. “According to Len Zehm, a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, in an article from May 31, 2006…”


  • If you are citing a website you need to establish the credibility, currency and objectivity (fact vs. opinion) of the site.
  • Include the title of the website (not the URL), the author/organization that supports the site, the site's credentials, the last date it was updated, and the date you accessed the site. Ex. "On their website, last updated on October 6th of this year, Human Rights Watch, an international organization devoted to exposing human rights violations, calls for an end to detention of immigrants in facilities designed to hold accused or convicted criminals. They point out that..."