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Citing Business Information: Websites

This guide offers examples how to cite commonly-used business information sources.

How to Cite a Website

According to the APA Style Blog, the general format for citing online content from multiple types of sites is this:

  • Author, A. (date). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL

To cite the link above, it would look like this:

How to Cite a Company Website

Some style manuals require that a "retrieved" date be included. APA does not, except in cases where the content may change over time. Company website citations should include the date that the cited content was accessed.

Image of Chipotle company website with section titled food with integrity highlighted.

In this case, treat the organization as the author. We can be fairly certain that any content (aside from reviews or blog comments) was written on behalf of the company. We would not consider the author to be "Anonymous," even though no individual author is named.

If the content is not dated, use "n.d." in the place where you would normally put the publication date.


How to Cite a Blog Post

Image of title and date of blog post from CESR

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