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African American Education in the US: Resources

African American Education in the U.S.: “Race, Place and Educational Opportunity in Black Communities”

Core Databases

Making Searches

Boolean Searching Tips
Boolean Operator Example What it does
AND BIPOC AND education policy Narrows your search
OR children OR kids OR youth Broadens your search
NOT "educational opportunity" NOT "language immersion" Weeds out unhelpful stuff
"Quotation marks" "BIPOC neighborhood" Searches an exact phrase, those words in that order
* (Asterisk)


Will include possibilities like education, educational, educationally, etc.

Includes all possible word-ending variations


Play with your Keywords

  • Neoliberal Urbanism AND education policy
  • Urban education AND racism OR high dropout OR disciplinary referral rates
  • Racism OR xenophobia AND schools
  • Educational Equity OR Segregated Neighborhood AND critical spatial analysis
  • gentrification AND black homeowners OR black displacement AND school change
  • Neighborhood change AND gentrification AND education AND policy
  • Neighborhood school AND ethnographic evidence OR urban strategy
  • Black neighborhood OR BIPOC neighborhood AND ethnography
  • educational opportunities AND black children

An Interesting Reading:

Kerubo, J. (2021, August 22). What Gentrification Means for Black HomeownersThe New York Times, 8.

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