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Indigenous Film Guide: Find Films

This guide was created to help find films by Indigenous creators and to find reviews and scholarship about Indigenous film.

Strategies for Finding Indigenous Films

It can be helpful to use a range of strategies to find and access films by and about Indigenous people. Some of these are limited to CU affiliates, and others are available on the internet. A few options detailed below include using the Libraries' subscription streaming platforms, using filters in the Libraries' OneSearch catalog for known-title films, visiting the CU ALTEC language lab, film festivals, Norlin Library's DVD collection, and searching for open access films. You can also request that University Libraries purchase a particular film

CU Libraries Subscription Streaming Platforms

OneSearch Filters

Use the Libraries' OneSearch catalog to search for a particular film by title, or by keywords. You can use the lefthand filters to specify streaming video or video recordingScreen capture of OneSearch catalog search for indigenous film with streaming video and video recording filters selected

You can also specify the language of the film using the lefthand filters in OneSearch.

Screen capture showing the OneSearch language filters for finding films

Film Festivals

Film festival websites and online screenings can be a wonderful way to learn about new films and filmmakers. 

Find Films via News & Reviews

News outlets like Indian Country Today and film review publications can also be ways to identify new Indigenous films and creators as can the publications on this guide's Find Reviews & Criticism page.

Open Access Films

Short films, trailers, and some freely available indigenous films can be found through major video streaming platforms, through the websites of specific films, and other online venues. Donating to filmmakers or independent film collectives can be a vital way to increase access to these works!

Acquiring & Purchasing Indigenous Films

Indigenous films can be more challenging to acquire since filmmakers often don't have access to the funding and distribution networks available to dominant group filmmakers. This barrier is changing through collaborations and collectives among indigenous filmmakers, as well as wider international availability of films on platforms like vimeo and YouTube.  Here are some options to request that CU Libraries purchase or digitize a DVD of a film.