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Review Articles

What are Review Articles?

"Review articles are a particular type of scholarly article that provide a systematic overview and analysis of the primary literature in a particular field. Review articles sum up the current state of research including the major advances and discoveries, ongoing debates, and where there are gaps in our knowledge that require more research. Because review articles discuss and cite the research articles that are advancing the field, you can quickly get an idea of who the major researchers are in that field." (Vassar College Libraries)

Finding Review Articles:

To limit your search to review papers, add terms like "review", "literature review," or "review of the literature" to your search in any database.  Web of Science is an especially good place to look for review papers, because it has a filter to help you get just review papers in your search results.  

  1. Put in your keywords and hit search
  2. Scroll down until you see the left-hand filter for "document types"
  3. Check "review" and click "Refine" to filter your search for review papers on the topic you searched.  

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