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Multilingual Reference Management: Download and Install

Make a Zotero Account

Before you even download Jurism, you'll need to make a Zotero account so that your personal library of citations, PDFs, and research notes can be backed up into Zotero's cloud service. If you only store your library on your machine, you risk losing it all if your computer breaks or when you decide to purchase a new one.

  • The login credentials you create will be used to sync the Jurism software with Zotero's cloud.
  • This is a limited amount of cloud storage for PDFs and notes, but just the citation data is unlimited.

▼ Get started and create a Zotero account.

Download and Install Jurism and the Browser Connector

Downloading and installing Jurism happens in two parts: the software itself and a browser plugin that pulls metadata and PDFs online into your computer and the cloud on your Zotero account.

Download Jurism and the browser connector plugin

▼ When the site loads, it should detect your operating system and browser you're using. Install the software, then the plugin.

▼ You should see, in your browser, a new icon in the upper right. The icon changes depending on if Jurism thinks it sees: