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Library Orientation for International Students: Personal Wellness

Your mental health and well-being is Important

We really are excited to have you here on our campus. We hope your time in Boulder, Colorado, and the U.S. are filled with amazing experiences, and that you grow as a person and scholar. We look forward to seeing you in our Library buildings or in a virtual context, and helping you with your assignment, projects, and research.

Welcome to the libraries

We also know that being an international student can be uniquely stressful, and we wanted to make you aware of resources on the campus to help you when you may be feeling especially anxious, worried, or stressed because of a difficult situation.

The global pandemic and COVID19 make your studies and life abroad more stressful. We also acknowledge that racism in America is a real and unfortunate reality. The recent events surround the murder of George Floyd by police, police brutality in America, have highlighted the challenges the people of color may face, even on our campus. We know not every international student is a person of color, but we hope by facing these issues directly, we can best support our students.

The University Libraries will always welcome you, no matter your race, country of birth, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We are glad you are here.

Mental Wellness

Building a Sense of Community

Physical Wellness

If Someone Commits a Crime against You, or a CU Employee Behaves or Speaks Inappropriately Toward You