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The Cockerell Nature Films

An introduction and guide to the digitized Cockerell nature films from the CU Boulder Libraries Archives.


T.D.A. Cockerell was a zoologist and entomologist, so it is not surprising that the majority of the film collection highlights animals. He showed these films at presentations and in the classroom, using film as an educational tool.

Entomology Films

Although T.D.A. Cockerell was involved in many scientific endeavors, his main area of study was entomology (bees in particular). The following films from the collection highlight insects. Cockerell himself appears in the film "The Guests of the Flowers," a film about Colorado bees. He used this film in a variety of public lectures (and likely classes) at CU Boulder around 1930.

Rare and Distinctive Collections


Classroom: Norlin M350B

Reading Room: Norlin E1B43