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Photograph of the Internal Revenue Service Building being Constructed.


(Keep in mind, the tax year is always one year behind the current calendar year.)

We have received federal 1040 and 1040-SR tax forms, 1040 instructions, and Colorado state 104 tax booklets. These are the only forms and instructions issued to us for the current tax year.

The Internal Revenue Service is moving to a web-first service approach and reducing the availability of paper tax products. This applies to every library that supplies tax forms to the public. Many forms can, as always, be printed from You can also request forms and publications to be mailed to your address. The IRS provides a question and answer page about the changes to the 1040 form on their website.

Library staff cannot answer tax-related questions or provide any assistance in filling out tax forms.

Paper tax forms are available near the East entrance to Norlin and the 3rd floor of Norlin by the Government Information collection.

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Photograph of the Internal Revenue Service Building being Constructed (6/13/1928) from the Records of the Public Buildings Service at the National Archives at College Park.