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Stressless Reading & More: Recommended


Stress has detrimental effects on us individually and collectively. According to the American Psychology Association, the United States is facing a national mental health crisis due to escalating stress levels. It is as important as ever to take care of your mental health. Trying to maintain perspective and establishing practices of self-care are great first steps. On this guide, we've curated some resources and tools to assist you in finding relief from stress.  

Insight Timer

Free App for sleep, anxiety, and stress.



Mindfulness & Compassion

UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness


with Kristin Neff


With Tara Brach

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Learning & Engagement Team

Crown Institute

The Crown Institute asks us to "Imagine a world where every young person thrives, supported by the caring relationships and inner resources required for a lifetime of wellness."

Explore their Wellness Toolkit.

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