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Process: Scholarly Literature

Scholarly Literature

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Scholars share their research and scholarship through scholarly publications channels. Typically fields of study have specialized journals or publishers. Academic articles may be review articles, original research papers, position papers, case studies among others.



The Literature

 A body of non-fictional books and writings published on a particular subject; considered collectively.


Literature Review

 A formal, reflective survey of the most significant and relevant works of published and peer-reviewed academic research on a particular topic, summarizing and discussing their findings and methodologies in order to reflect the current state of knowledge in the field and the key questions raised.


Academic Literature

  A discipline‚Äźspecific publication through which academics and other researchers can publish and disseminate their work, the academic journal normally takes the form of a collection of articles, research papers, or reviews which have been submitted to the journal's editorial board. In most cases papers being considered for publication are submitted for scrutiny and appraisal by recognized academics or authorities in the appropriate field, who may recommend that the paper be accepted as it stands, or that specific revisions be made, or that the paper be rejected for publication. This process of refereeing is known as peer review.


Peer Review

The process by which an academic journal passes a paper submitted for publication to independent experts for comments on its suitability and worth; refereeing.

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