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Find Government Information

The United States Government publishes a vast amount of information, research, and data on nearly every topic imaginable. Did you know the University Libraries is a regional library of the Federal Depository Library Program? It is also a depository for the State of Colorado, the United Nations and the European Union. Governments at all levels produce a tremendous amount of information.  There is so much to explore and discover, so let’s get started here!

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Government Information: General

Government information is large and complex and it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. We suggest that you start with these recommended resources and click on “Learn More” to find even more guides to government information.





Government Information: Congress

Congress is the most prolific publisher in the world. The legislative branch is divided into two bodies: The House of Representatives and the Senate. Materials produced by Congress include bills and laws, hearings, testimony, committee reports and more. These are especially useful as Primary Resources. Use the following tools to locate Congressional Publications and click “Learn More” for a more comprehensive guide. 

Government Information: Country

Select from one of these online resources covering countries, regions, and territories across the globe. Use Google to search for official government websites from different countries.