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Statistics & Data

The University Libraries provide numerous resources to locate major statistical resources and datasets. This guide will help you to locate those sources and to differentiate between data and statistics. 

Finding Data & Statistics

Using Data & Statistics

These resources will help you begin any data creation project.  

Want help using software?

Want help designing your research questions and methodology?

Want help finding software?  

Want some data sets?

Are you collecting or creating data for a research project? Do you need help organizing, storing, or providing access to your research data? Do you need to comply with a funder or journal requirement for data management? If so, you might find these library and campus resources helpful:

Tips & Strategies

Strategy 1: 

Look through the A-Z list for your subject and check out the statistical sources.

Strategy 2: 

Where did you see reference to the data? Use the citations in articles, newspapers, etc. to identify who collects the data and use their websites/databases.

Strategy 3: 

Use a search engine to identify associations, agencies, or organizations that work in your field and see what data they have available.

Strategy 4: 

Contact your librarian. They will be able to help tell you where the data is hidden.