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SciFinder-n: How to Log In or Register

Yes, I already have an account.

No, I do not have a SciFinder account.

Register for SciFinder access

Use your email address and a password of your choice. Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email. After confirming, please return to this page and click the "Yes" link above to access SciFinder through our user authentication system.

If you do not have a email, you may still use the database in the library. Please see a librarian for access.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our Chemistry Librarian, Katie Sparks, at

Not sure if you have an account?

Go to the SciFinder-n Forgot Username or Password page and enter your CU email.

  • If your email is found, you will be prompted to change your password in order to log in.
  • If your email is not found, return to this page and follow the instructions under "No, I do not have a SciFinder account."

Terms of Use

SciFinder-n is for Educational use ONLY.

Commercial use of your University account is strictly prohibited.

When using this resource, you agree to the terms below:

  1. I am a current faculty, staff member or officially registered student of the University.
  2. I will use SciFinder-n ONLY for my own academic research.
  3. I will not use SciFinder-n for commercial research or for organizations other than my University.
  4. I will not share my unique username and password with any other individual.
  5. I will not use an automated script.
  6. I may store no more than 5,000 records in electronic form at any one time.

Violations of these terms may result in the University losing SciFinder-n access.

Chemistry Librarian

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Katie Sparks