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Getting away from textbook Japanese and reading "real" Japanese is every language learner's goal. The Norlin library Asian Studies Collection has a collection of "readers" to help you boost your comprehension of written Japanese. As soon as you can read kana, you can start using these books even if you speak only a little Japanese. We will also teach some tips and tricks to really get the most out of the reading collection.

FAQs about the Reading Collection

Where is the Collection?

In the Asian Studies Collection of Norlin Library. Specifically on the 1½ floor in the collection. Most of the reading collection is around call number range ASN PL537. (what's a call number?)

How many books are there?

There are about 75 books to choose from at various levels depending on your Japanese ability. There are also many online resources discussed in this guide that are freely accessible.

Summer 2021: Libraries' Services

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