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Longform journalism is

 Journalism that has been freed from conventional industry constraints of length, space, and/or time, typically drawing on some or all of the elements of gonzo journalism, investigative journalism, literary journalism, and new journalism. 

Harcup, Tony. "long-form journalism." A Dictionary of Journalism. : Oxford University Press, 2014. Oxford Reference. 2014. Date Accessed 7 Mar. 2016 

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After uncovering some longform articles and overviews on your topic, you may wish to locate scholarly peer reviewed materials as well.

Peer review describes the 

 Evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field. 

"peer review." New Oxford American Dictionary. Eds. Stevenson, Angus, and Christine A. Lindberg. : Oxford University Press, 2010. Oxford Reference. 2011. Date Accessed 7 Mar. 2016