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Undergraduate Guide to Korean Studies: Search

Search for Books and Scholarly Articles about Korea:

The search bar below searches physical and digital holdings of the University Libraries


OneSearch is the Libraries' Search Engine. It can help you discover books, ebooks, and schoalrly articles that Google cannot provide access to. Your search results will be better if you can understand how to use keywords to get better results.

First, some general rules:

Example Search: kpop -- Basic Keyword Search (Part 1 of 3)

How to Search Well -- with "kpop" as an Example Topic

You can start with a simple search like "kpop," here are the first 5 results:

Example Search: kpop -- Vary Your Keyword Search, Do Multiple Searches (part 2 of 3)

Slight Changes in the Keywords You Use will Reveal Different Resources

Don't just do one search, do multiple searches: In addition to "anime," you can also search:

These simple changes give surprisingly different results, here is the first result for each search string above:

Example Search: kpop, pt. 3 of 3 -- Focus Your Topic

Discover more Specialized Resources as You Build Foundational Knowledge on Your Topic

★ Notice that once you start to do more specific searches, you will start seeing more journal articles.

"kpop" is too broad a topic for doing a research paper. Think about what you would like to focus on, what are you passionate about in addition to kpop?

  • Are you an business major? Research the economics of the kpop industry.
  • If you are interested in gender inequalities in kpop, consider looking at how gender affects kpop bands and singers.
  • Exploring "soft" diplomacy? What does the Korean government do to promote kpop?

A simple search like "kpop diplomacy" will provide new and interesting results. Even without reading the materials, the search results will provide you with lots of concepts, ideas, and vocabulary to better explore your topic. Below are some examples:

★ Don't forget to vary your search with kpop AND k-pop. The hyphen does make a difference!
See the difference in search results for "kpop gender male" and "k-pop gender male"

Japanese & Korean Studies Librarian

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Adam Lisbon

How do I keep track of the resources I find?

You can use Zotero. It's free software that works with your browser to make tracking your sources and citing them later much easier. Check out the Libraries guide on using Zotero.