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Kindai Fujin Zasshi Mokuji Soran / 近代婦人雑誌目次総覧: Home

An Introduction to women's magazines published in the 19th and early 20th century of Japan

The Index of Japanese Modern Women's Magazines, 1884-1933

This guide a short introduction to the 近代婦人雑誌目次総覧, or Index of Modern Women's Magazines. It covers 28 magazines that were published regularly at various times between 1884-1933. As an index, this 15 volume set only offers scanned reproductions of the table of contents. Included are:

  • short scholarly synopses of each magazine
  • scans of the cover art
  • timelines for when each volume and/or issue was published
  • name changes the occurred over the run of the magazine
This guide helps visualize the contents of the index, and provide further resources related to popular reading material for women during Japan's modernization and pre-war periods.

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