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Welcome to the Colorado Government Publications Interest Group Website!

These resources are designed to serve the Government Publications communities of Colorado. GoPIG is a group of government publications librarians and other interested parties organized to provide a local pool of knowledge and experience for other librarians, as well as a general lifesaver for those of us forced to swim the waters of government documents. Membership in GoPIG is open to all interested parties. Please feel free to join us at any of the upcoming meetings. Please contact Kate Tallman if you’re a new member! .

NEW! Limited Print Distribution Framework 

GPO is moving to an all-digital format and limited print will be distributed beginning in 2024. "This new, limited print distribution model acknowledges the different print needs and requirements of the National Collection Service Areas (NCSAs). Cost savings on printing, postage, and processing will allow GPO to increase investment in digital content management initiatives that serve FDLs and patrons’ Government information needs"

The Print Distribution Titles List (PDT) consists of titles that will continue to be distributed in paper-format. The quantity of copies available fall into three categories:

  • Unlimited distribution titles will be distributed at current selection quantities and include the U.S. Code, Statutes at Large, U.S. Reports, Constitution of the United States (Analysis & Interpretation, including supplements), House and Senate Journals, and Bound Congressional Record Index, Statutes at Large, and U.S. Reports.
  • 20-copy titles include Serial (both the bound version and related individual House and Senate Reports and Documents), Bound Congressional Record, Senate Executive Journal, and select maps.
  • 50-copy titles include all other titles on the PDT list. 

The decision about where limited titles will be distributed will remain with the Superintendent of Documents and based on a number of criteria ranked by the depository community. For more information, please see this website: 


Microfich Phase-Out

  • GPO began to phase out the microfiche format in 2021/2022. Selective depositories do not need to update DSIMS unless they want to begin to receive titles in paper
  • April 2022- Libraries were asked to update DSIMS with tangible item selections. CU Boulder is signing a Selective Housing Agreement 



-- CU Gov Pubs