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ENVD 1004: Introduction to Environmental Design: Considering Types of Information

Source Examples and Typical Characteristics

Image of JAPA cover

  • What: Scholarly Journal Articles
  • Tone: Formal and specialized
  • Purpose: Inform, argue
  • Authors: Researchers, Professors, Scholars 
  • Review: Peer review
  • Audience: Academic, maybe professional
  • Content: Research, analysis
  • Where to search:


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Image of a newspaper front page

  • What: News Articles
  • Tone: Casual and accessible
  • Purpose: Inform, entertain
  • Authors: Writers, journalists 
  • Review: Approval by editor
  • Audience: Broad general audience
  • Content: News, current/topical, opinion, 
  • Where to search:


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Fact Checking Sites:

Media Bias Resources:

cover image of 'scape

  • What: Trade Journal Articles
  • Tone: Understandable within profession
  • Purpose: Inform
  • Authors: Writers, professionals from the field
  • Review: Editor, professional association
  • Audience: Practitioners, professionals
  • Content: Reviews, trends, case studies
  • Where to search:

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