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ENES 1010: Engineering, Ethics and Society: Technology’s Reach (Kowalchuk): Search Strategies

Find Sources

Start by figuring out some basic facts about your art piece: what is its title, its creator, its medium, when was it created. These elements can inform your search strategy: you may find sources by searching for the title of the piece, and you may not. You may need to add more details about the art piece to your search, or you may need to search for information about the artist or the art movement that your piece was about if information about your specific art piece is not available


Find Art Images


Find Newspapers

What is Peer Review?

Researchers conduct original research and then publish articles about their research in scholarly journals. Articles published in scholarly journals usually go through a peer review process. Researchers may also present their research at a professional conference and in this case they also write a paper that is peer reviewed and published in the proceedings of the conference.

Lets explore how the peer review process works using the video "Peer Review in 3 Minutes" by the the North Carolina State University Library. 

Journal Publication Workflow infographic by Jayashree Rajagopalan

Infographic by Jayashree Rajagopalan

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