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Literature Research for Discovery Learning Apprenticeship: Find Research Articles

On This Page

On this page of the guide, you will explore a tool and strategies to efficiently and effectively find research articles.

Additional Databases for Locating Research Articles

Note: this information is not in the Qualtrics activity for DLA students. The databases below are provided as suggestions for further databases DLA students may want to explore to locate research articles on their topics.

We have many other databases that you can also find engineering, science, and technical research articles and conference articles in. Suggestions for you to explore include:

Ask A Gemmill Librarian

Off Campus Access

Many research articles are published in journals that require subscriptions to access. Databases require subscriptions as well. The CU Boulder Libraries subscribe to these resources so that you can access them for free.

The library website is your portal to accessing research articles, and all the other information in our collections - so start your research there. This guide is part of the library website, so it is a great place to start your research.

You can do your research anywhere that you have an internet connection, just login with your identikey and password when prompted to get access to our subscriptions!