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To access through the VPN, you must use CU Boulder's VPN, which can be downloaded on the OIT website.

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The University Libraries provides access to PitchBook for University of Colorado at Boulder students, faculty and staff.

Request Access to Pitchbook

Please follow these steps for access:

  1. Go to the Create Your PitchBook Account Page.
  2. Create an account using your email.
  3. Get access!
  4. If you forget your password please contact PitchBook.

About Your PitchBook Account

  • After registering for your Pitchbook account, each time you use PitchBook, you will need to login using your full e-mail address as your username and the password you set up.
  • Users are limited to 10 downloads per day and 25 downloads per month. (1 download = 1 row of data on an excel file).
  • PitchBook is not available via mobile app.
  • Accounts expire on an annual basis in October. If you have already created an account and are denied login, your account may have expired. Please create a new account using your same Boulder email and your account will be reinstated.


Need Help Using PitchBook?

Contact the Access & Discovery group at