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Reading Japanese: Beginner

Reading Japanese as a First Year Japanese Language Student

Level 1 -- For Japanese 1000 students who have finished learning Hiragana and Katakana

Quick Tip 1 - Pictures and Context

img credit: Extra Credits
The positions of words on a page often correspond to the pictures on a page. For example:
The furigana can be hard to read, but the title says "かぜとたいよう" or "Kaze to Taiyō." Since "Kaze" is on the left you can assume the left image corresponds to the word. Which you could guess means "wind." Likewise, you can infer that "Taiyō" means "sun." The "と"; is the Japanese word for "and." Below that is the subtitle, which is actually somewhat difficult to guess the meaning of if you don't know the words already. So it's okay to just skip them.

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