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Country Research: Official Government Websites

Subject guide to foreign country information

Use Google to Find Foreign Government Websites

Step 1

  • Locate your country's URL code
    • Canada = .ca
    • France = .fr
    • Falkland Islands = .fk

Step 2

  • Use a shortcut in Google to limit your results to websites using the country code
    • Search term + site: + country code
    • Example: Foreign ministry site:fr

Step 3

  • Look for a link to the English (or your preferred language) translation. These are usually located at the top of the page.

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Ask Government Information

Where Have All the Country Pages Gone?

The University of Colorado-Boulder used to maintain a large collection of Country Pages. These had links to official government websites, profiles, and more information on each country in the world!

However, URL's for official government websites change frequently. Now, the Government Information Library recommends that you follow these steps on your left to locate official foreign government websites using Google.