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Orders, Finance, Invoices, Receiving

Order Migration

Only active and pending orders were migrated from Sierra into FOLIO. Active and pending orders were defined as Orders with Orders status of open "o", ongoing open "f", and on hold "1". No closed or paid orders were migrated.

Tips & Tricks

  • FOLIO Orders Tips & Tricks for Subject Liaisons
  • When searching for a title in the Orders app, see that your search is toggled to "Purchase Orders Line" rather than "Purchase Order." Titles are a field on the Purchase Order Line level.
  • Keyword searching from the Orders app is more sensitive than keyword searching in Inventory. If you are unable to locate a title via keyword from the Orders app, try searching for it in Inventory and identifying the Purchase Order via Inventory.
  • Once a Purchase Order is activated and in "Open" status, a limited number of fields are available to edit. If you need to edit fields that are not available, the Purchase Order must be put into "Unopen" status which is equivalent to pending status. This also needs to be done from the Purchase Order level, rather than the PO Line level. POs and PO Lines in "Unopen" status have all of their fields available for editing.