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Latin American Indigenous Languages: Films, Culture, Gender


A number of films display Latin American indigenous languages, topics on Andean issues, indigenous identity, indigenous knowledge, marginalization, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, the role of indigenous women, capitalism, expropriation, and appropriation, among others. 

Although the topics of these films are intertwine throughout the films in many occasions, they offer you a glance into subjects such as interculturality, intercultural dialog, indigeneity,  genocide, abuse, marginalization, poverty, suicide, socio-economic gaps, historical wrongs and inequality.



Weaving is a part of different indigenous people's cultures. Generally, this artisanal activity is learned during childhood where girls knit their first works. For this cultural activity women use alpaca or sheep wool. The artistic designs express their cosmovisión (worldview) believes and assert their indigenous identity forged since pre-Columbian times.

photograph of a woman weaving.

Photograph used under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0.

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Luzmila Carpio

Listen to the song "Arawi" performed by singer Luzmila Carpio.

photo of Quechua singer uzmila Carpio

Luzmila Carpio. Photo used under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 2.0).