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Biochemistry: Home


On this guide you will find:

  • Course Materials
    • Find books and ebooks in the library to study with, including your textbooks through Course Reserves.
    • Learn how Open Educational Resources can supplement or replace costly course materials.
  • Handbooks and How-To
    • Handbooks, references, methods, and protocols.
  • Data
    • Sources of data relevant to biochemistry.
    • Services and resources to help you manage your research data. 
  • Original Research Articles
    • Learn about new research and developments in scholarly articles, conference proceedings, dissertations and theses, and technical reports. 
  • Stay informed and Inspired
    • Follow scholarly journals and trade magazines to discover the newest research and developments.
    • Find new and popular books to inspire new ideas.
  • Write and Cite
    • Learn about biochemistry citation styles.
    • Use citation manager Zotero to organize your sources and create bibliographies.

Working Off-Campus

Begin from the libraries homepage. Click on a library database or resource, follow the log-in screen instructions.

Access licensed resources  with your

identikey username and password.


Consider downloading a browser plugin for quick access to CU Library resources, wherever you are on the web.

Learn more about off-campus access.

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