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Reading Japanese: Advanced (JPNS 3000)

For Beginners - How to Read for Comprehension (not vocabulary)

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  1. Read easy books first so you won't get frustrated. Check out the list of books below to get started.
  2. Don't worry about memorizing kanji, these books include furigana (ふりがな) with all kanji so you can pronounce them.
  3. Do NOT use a dictionary.
    Why not? Because you will lose your "flow" while reading. Your goal is to comprehending the text as a whole, not stopping everytime you encounter a new word.
  4. Skip words and even sentences you don't understand. You'll still read them, but it's okay if you aren't sure what they mean.

Books - Using all your grammar and vocab to read sophisticated texts.

Level Betsu (れベル別) series - Level 4
Norlin Library >> Asian Studies Stacks >> Mezzanine Level (floor 1.5)
The Level 4 books rely much less on photos and more on your acquired knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary. The Japanese at this level is more fluid and natural, with more dialogue and and emotional introspection being expressed by the characters.

Books - best for your second semester of 1000 Japanese