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EDUC 2500 Strategies for Social Change: Sources, Stakeholders, Key terms

February 18 Research Workshop

Plan for the session:

  • Considering stakeholders, sources and language
    • What makes a source reputable? Independent? 
  • Finding sources
    • Advanced web search strategies
    • News and scholarly sources through CU Libraries
  • Small group time to explore sources
  • Considering criteria for reputable and independent sources

Class research guide:

Building on Case Study Proposals

  • Stakeholders: Who are the people impacted by this issue locally or in our larger community? Who are the major individuals, organizations involved? 
  • Consider sources: are there social media channels, meeting minutes, press releases, annual reports, or news articles that address the issue? Scholarly articles or books for movements?
  • Language: What language, terms, or acronyms are important for this work or this organization? Are there important synonyms or slightly broader or narrower terms?

Search Strategy

Choosing Powerful Search Terms Brainstorming - Stakeholders, Sources, and Language

Using our collective brainpower to come up with some big picture and locally relevant terms for your organizations or movements. Click Add to My Drive to save to your own Google Drive folder.

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