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New Vista Psychology of Imprisonment (Dimiziani-Cascio): Psychology of Imprisonment

Your Questions

  • Effectively Narrowing Search Topic for specific Information (keyword sheet)
  • Identifying Key Words to feed the search engines (keyword sheet)
  • More Detailed Research (Library databases)
  • More Confident Researching  (Filters, Research Log)
  • Identifying Primary Sources (Primary Source guide)
  • Wider Range of Sources(besides internet) (Library databases)
  • Search Engine Optimization/ Finding good sources online (site: and other tricks)
  • Techniques of Recording Information (Research Log)
  • Bibliographies/references in APA
  • Efficiently finding research materials (Filters, keywords)
  • Quickly finding if a site is trustworthy (, truncating url)

Assignment Details

You will write a 5-7 page research paper and create a powerpoint of the information to present to the class (and potentially on Exhibition Day.)

Access Options

  • Request any materials from CU through Prospector, using their local public library.  
  • Scan chapters that may be pivotal to their research (the scanner on the first floor, South side does not require an identikey.  
  • Ask Norlin Circulation to hold their materials for you (they will hold materials for up to one week), until you are able to come in with a Guardian, and establish an account.  No one under 18 years of age can have a Norlin Library account without the approval of their guardian.  The head of Circulation waives any account initiation fees for high school students.
  • Email or save ebook chapters and electronic articles.