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Opentober 2020: Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Aceess

About "Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Access"

Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Access is a video series produced by the University Libraries that highlights CU Boulder faculty and researchers using the open access publishing model to make their work on COVID-19 more accessible to the public.

"Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Access" with Morteza Karimzadeh

Morteza Karimzadeh, an assistant professor of geography at CU Boulder, is using open geospatial data and demographic data to learn more about mitigation and mobility in the United States during the pandemic.

"Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Access" with Shelly Miller

Dr. Shelly Miller, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder and faculty in the Environmental Engineering Program, is using the libraries' institutional repository CU Scholar to make her research on the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through instruments available to the public during the pandemic.

"Unlocking COVID-19 through Open Access" with Jason Shuo Zhang

Learn how CU Boulder graduate Jason Shuo Zhang and colleagues from CU Boulder's Computer Science Department and Department of Information Science posted a preprint on the emergence of COVID-19 Reddit communities and the spread of information and disinformation to other online communities on the site.

Fall 2021: Libraries hours, service updates

All five campus libraries are now open. Read about open hours and other important service updates.