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Open Education Week 2020

Open Education Week

Celebrate Open Education Week March 2nd-6th, 2020!

Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide.

This schedule includes embedded readings, videos, and activities and is intended to help you celebrate Open Education Week by undertaking a self-guided exploration of open education and open educational resources.

Our thanks to Teri Oaks Gallaway and Emily Frank, whose self-guided schedule for Open Education Week 2017 served as a model and inspiration.


March 2nd: Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)


OER Mythbusting (SPARC, 2017)

“OER Mythbusting addresses the top seven myths about OER in North American higher
education, as voted on by more than 100 faculty, librarians, students and other
members of the OER community.”



 What is OER? (The Council of Chief State School Officers, 2016, 1.5 minutes)

New to OER? Enjoy this introduction to OER and how they are licensed and used.


Join the CU Boulder Community for a special watch party of statewide featured speaker event.

March 2nd 2:00-3:30

Can't make it to Norlin? Register to attend virtually.

March 3rd: Student Experiences OER


2018 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey (Florida Virtual Campus, Office of Distance Learning & Student Services, 2018)

Reports the findings of a survey of more than 21,000 students in Florida’s public institutions of higher education: “students were asked to use their recent personal experiences to provide insight on how thecost of textbooks and course materials impact their education, purchasing behaviors, academic completion and success, the study aids they find most beneficial to their learning, and their use of financial aid to address these costs.” While the study found that textbooks costs were trending lower, the first time since 2012, costs continue to impact students' access to education, completion, and success.


Open 101: An Action Plan for Affordable Textbooks (Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), 2018)

This 2018 report "investigates those high textbook prices for common courses at schools across the country. Entitled Open 101: an Action Plan for Affordable Textbooks, this report contains recommendations that, if enacted, could save students billions of dollars by ensuring the materials that students buy for their general education classes are free instead.”


Open Education Matters

This video talks about what can happen when teachers and students share their work as Open Educational Resources (OER) for others to use, revise and remix for their own teaching and learning purposes, without cost.


Join Colorado’s Top 40: OER in Action; Brittany Dudek and Holly Stevens 11:00 Register for Virtual Attendance

Explore the University Libraries' OER Guide.

Browse the Open Education Week  events calendar for online events of interest.

Explore the  Open Textbook Library

“Open textbooks are textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost. All textbooks [that are included in the library] are either used at multiple higher education institutions; or affiliated with an institution, scholarly society, or professional organization.”

March 4th: State Activities & OER


Colorado Open Educational Resources

"Colorado is leading the way in Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption, which has been shown to foster innovation, reduce costs and boost student success."

OER State Policy Playbook (SPARC, 2020)

“The OER State Policy Playbook provides policy recommendations for U.S. state legislators interested in tackling college affordability through Open Educational Resources (OER).”

OER State Legislative Guide (Creative Commons USA, 2018)

“. . . meant to provide policymakers and staff with a cross-sectional, annotated set of legislative texts that help expand the use of OER (open educational resources), a powerful alternative to the broken textbook market.”


OER State Policy and Initiatives (Presentation by Amy Hofer at the 2018 Florida OER Summit, 55 minutes)

  Developing OER Policy

"Special guests at this month's session of the Rebus Community and Open Textbook Network Office Hours included: Rebecca Van de Vord (Assistant Vice President, AOI; Liaison to the Provost’s Office; Director, Learning Innovations at Washington State University); Jessica Norman (eLearning Librarian at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology); and Billy Meinke (OER Technologist at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)."


Sign the Colorado Petition supporting open textbooks, Sponsored by the Colorado Student Government Association

Register for th Colorado 2020 OER Conference

This spring, the Colorado Department of Higher Education will host the Statewide Colorado OER Conference to explore best practices in adoption and adaptation.

March 5th: Open Pedagogy


Open Education, Open Questions (Catherine Cronin, 2017, EDUCAUSEreview)

“The use of open practices by learners and educators is complex, personal, and contextual; it is also continually negotiated. Higher education institutions require collaborative and critical approaches to openness in order to support faculty, students, and learning in an increasingly complex higher education environment.”

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students (Elizabeth Mays, Ed., The Rebus Community for Open Textbook Creation)

“A handbook for faculty interested in practicing open pedagogy by involving students in the making of open textbooks, ancillary materials, or other Open Educational Resources.”



Making Open Textbooks with Students (Open Textbook Network and Rebus Community Office Hours, 2017, 30 minutes)

“Special guests Robin DeRosa, Steel Wagstaff, and Amanda Coolidge speak about their experiences working with students to create open textbooks and open content. The Q&A encompasses pedagogy, faculty responsibilities, student rights and agreements when students work on open textbooks and OER projects.”


Attend Adventures in OER and Open Pedagogy; Dr. Emily Ragan and Professor Steve Krizman, Attend remotely 2:30 PM–3:30 PM MountainTime

Explore the CU Boulder Open Pedagogy Guide and the Open Pedagogy notebook.

March 6th: Ways to Keep Exploring OER


Dip into the Open Education Group’s Review Project. This project aims to provide a dynamic “summary of all known empirical research concerning the impacts of open educational resources adoption”.


Tune in to the Open Oregon's  Not just a list of links: Find and showcase open resources by subject.

"Join OER librarians – from a large university and a smaller community college – to learn about open educational resources across the disciplines."


Submit an OER Meme: Got jokes? Submit your funniest OER meme for a chance to win prizes and be featured on CDHE's Twitter.Winners will be contacted March13th.

 Explore the OER World Map

(hbz and graphthinking GmbH in association with The Open University (UK))

Test-drive the map by starting with the United States and then explore the world. “The OER World Map collects and visualizes data on the growing number of actors and activities in the field of open education worldwide. The goal is to accelerate the evolution of the global OER ecosystem by providing a comprehensive and responsive picture of the OER movement.”


Connect with the University Libraries OER Leads

Open Education Week 2020

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Special Event

Join the CU Boulder Community for a special watch party of statewide featured speaker event.

March 2nd 2:00-3:30

Can't make it to Norlin? Register to attend virtually.