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Open Access (OA) Week 2019: Installations

Celebrate international Open Access (OA) Week, October 21 - 25, 2019.

Artist Arpi Grigorian

in the beginning, there was ... , and then ...

Location: Gemmill Engineering, Math & Physics Library
OA Week theme interpreted: Access to Knowledge is Power

This work is interested in the availability and the restrictions on knowledge over time. By returning to the surface of the book as a material representation of knowledge, the work recreates different ways that knowledge in the past and present was and still is transferred to the elite and how this exclusive transfer needs to be broken so knowledge can empower us all.

-Arpi Grigorian (Visual Arts and Physics)

Artist Maddie Karr

Maddie Karr

Unlocking New Heights

Location: Student Recreation Center
OA Week theme interpreted: Access to Knowledge is Power

This project titled “Unlocking New Heights” is a representation of the theme Access to Knowledge is Power. Thankfully, with the power of open access, the door to the birdcage is unlocked and open, allowing the 100 paper crafted origami birds made from the textbook pages to be released and fly free to new heights. This symbolizes the ease of access to academic research that open access would provide. Through freeing what once was caged, this imagery is used to inspire a sense of power, inspiration, and joy to the viewer.

-Maddie Karr (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

Artist Armon Naeini



Location: ATLAS
OA Week theme interpreted: Knowledge is a Building Material

::body is an augmented reality installation, where a user walks in front of a digital mirror, and is presented with a distorted and illustrated reflection of themselves. The installation embodies and reflects the virtue of “Knowledge is a Building Material” as the entire interaction and installation was built using a free-to-use, open access, C++ creative toolkit known as OpenFrameworks. OpenFrameworks provides a plethora of technologies that allow one to explore worlds of VR/AR, artificial intelligence, data visualizations, and hundreds of other topics. The creative toolkit was developed by a community of creative coders with the intention to always be free to use, open to the public, as well as open to contribution.

- Armon Naeini (Technology, Arts, & Media)

Artist Dr. George Rivera

Knowledge is Power

Location: Norlin Library
OA Week theme interpreted: Access to Knowledge is Power

The University of Colorado is an educational institution that seeks to impart knowledge to students because knowledge empowers students. In order to explore student views on “knowledge,” students in Dr. George Rivera’s art classes contributed a portrait of themselves with accompanying text answering the question: IS KNOWLEDGE POWER? What resulted is an art piece in the tradition of ART & LANGUAGE.

-Dr. George Rivera (Art & Art History)

Artist Alison Weinberger

The Timeless Fellowship

Location: SEEC
OA Week theme interpreted: Open Access Amplifies Global Voices

Commodifying knowledge deprives individuals of power, restricts them from participating in the “timeless fellowship of the human spirit,” and perpetuates a body of knowledge which is created and controlled by the elite in positions of power.
Knowledge is a thing which flows from human hand to human hand, which is a dynamic manifestation of “the timeless fellowship of the human spirit” (in the words of former CU President George Norlin). The dynamic flow of knowledge belongs to human beings and not to edifices or institutions, and the very discourse of knowledge is shaped by those who are allowed to participate, making it imperative for anyone who believes that knowledge serves a truth-telling function that all voices are allowed to enter into the dialogue. This idealistic democratization of discourse becomes possible when the doors of knowledge are flung open.


-Alison Weinberger (Math and Philosophy)

Artist Joelle Wescott

Joelle Wescott

Step Up to Limitless Knowledge

Location: Engineering Center
OA Week theme interpreted: Knowledge is a Building Material

This art piece is titled “Step Up to Limitless Knowledge”. My piece includes a photograph that brings thoughts of infinity, this alludes to the infinite possibility of discovery and knowledge that can be provided through open access. This piece relates to the theme of “Knowledge is a Building Material” because through stepping up and constructing a system that allows open access, people can build a better network of shared knowledge that can in turn allow for more discovery.

-Joelle Wescott (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

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