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Gemmill Materials Collection: Finding Materials Information

Guide to the collection of materials samples located in Gemmill Library.

Databases useful for Materials Research

Finding Sustainability Assessments

Assessing materials sustainability and  impact on the environment is increasingly important to architects, designers, and engineers and the stakeholders they design for. Although many people are interested in this information, it can be tricky to find. Several initiatives are attempting to cover this gap, including Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD). These can be used to support LEED status.

  • The EPD Database: a searchable international site to find full-text environmental product declarations that provide life-cycle analyses of products. Note about 25% of materials have an EPD.
  • HPD Public Repository: a repository of HPDs, searchable and browsable by CSI number, manufacturer, LEED precheck, and other categories.

Other Materials Collections