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COVID Resources


Advanced Google Searching

You can use advanced google searching to find government and NGO reports, policies, and online information. You can explore this list of advanced google operators. - use inurl to specify a string of letters that should be found in the site's url, can use to limit to sites like .gov, .org, .edu, or foreign governments like

filetype:pdf - use to find specifc files like PDF's which are often reports

AROUND(X) - use to specify how close together your terms should be, replace X with the number of words that terms should appear within. Right now most government sites have a banner that references COVID making searching more difficult.

For example you can search  < streets AROUND(10) covid >

Summer 2021: Libraries' Services

We're here to support both research and relaxation - check out our Summer Guide to the Libraries: Student Edition.

COVID Research Guides

Design Librarian

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Alex Watkins

Gov Info Librarian

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Allan Van Hoye

Health Librarian

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Merinda McLure