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ENVD 1020: Introduction to Architecture: Home

Art and Architecture Collection

The Art & Architecture Collection is located in the north wing of Norlin Library. The collection houses one of the most comprehensive art library collections in the Mountain West. The Art & Architecture Collection contains approximately 100,000 volumes of reference works, monographs, exhibition catalogues. We subscribe to well over 200 journals and serials.


A call number is a combination of letters and numbers which identifies the location and subject matter of books. Think of a call number as an address for a book on the library shelf. Books on similar subjects will appear next to each other. When you search the library catalog for your topic, note the books location and call number to find it in the sacks, or read it online if it is an ebook.

Call number ranges potentially relevant to your learning in this course include:

  • NA Architecture 
    • NA1-60 General
    • NA190-1555.5 History
    • NA1995 Architecture as a profession
    • NA2695-2793 Architectural drawing and design
    • NA4100-8480 Special classes of buildings
      • NA4100-4145 Classed by material
      • NA4150-4160 Classed by form
      • NA4170-8480 Classed by use

Architecture Books

If you are looking for plans of a specific building there may be no book about that building in particular. However, it is probably in books about the architect in general, so it will be best to search for the architect. You may have to go to the call number section where all the books on that architect will be and look through different books to find plans of sufficient detail.

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