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Environmental Design, Architecture & Planning: Plans & Drawings

Online Plans

Find Plans & Drawings in Magazines

You can use Avery Index to search architecture magazines specifically for articles that include plans, drawings, elevations, axonometric drawings, sketches, maps, etc. Then requests scans of the articles using the Find it at CU button and requesting from Interlibrary Loan. Use the Document Feature check boxes in the advanced search to limit to articles with specific types of illustrations:

The Document Feature button is located under More Search Options on the Avanced Search Page


Find Plans & Drawings in Books

If you are looking for plans of a specific building there may be no book about that building in particular. However, it is probably in books about the architect in general, so it will be best to search for the architect. You may have to go to the call number section where all the books on that architect will be and look through different books to find plans of sufficient detail.

Useful Books of Plans & Drawings

CU-Boulder Building Drawings

The CAD/GIS and Document Management Office maintains records for all campus buildings and projects. You can request plans and other materials for a campus building from them.

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