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Collecting Sources and Annotating them: Finding Information

Library Catalog

OneSearch is a discovery search platform where you can find articles, books, book chapters, films, and other materials in print and digital format. The dashboard has several features that will help you create folders (Projects) to organize your assignments, save materials to your folders and view your older searches.

Image shows search terms bilingual education AND domestic policies AND US and two titles: Politics or Professionalism? Budgeting for Bilingual Education and Rhetorical Positioning of US Policy Statements about Multilingual Education--With Reference to the EU. The image also shows the dashboard options: overview, projects, saved, searches, viewed. Under Research tool: General search, publications, concept map, and supplemental sources


Interlibrary Loan

When materials are unavailable in the Library Catalog, Prospector or MOBIUS, it is time to request the item through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 

Placing requests
  1. You must make an account first if you have never requested an item through ILL. Click on the tab Login to ILLIAD to start and enter your Identikey username and password. It is better to use the first and last name that is associated with your Identikey when signing up. since loans will be delivered to you under that name.
  2. Fill in the form with as much information about the item you need.
  3. If you need multiple chapters within the same book or articles from the same journal, click on Clone Request, select the transaction number you want to clone, make the appropriate edits, and click submit.
  4. You can request books, DVDs, CDs, dissertations, microform and other materials from lenders around the world.
  5. The cost of borrowing materials, including shipping, is paid for by the Library.
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