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Engineering & Technical Information

The Libraries have so much more than books. Today we're going to explore some other kinds of STEM information that you will use as a student and professional. All of this information is digitally available - no need to visit a physical library, the library is available wherever you can access the internet.

Each group will explore one source of information and a tool that can be used to find that source of information. Each group will answer these questions:

  1. What is this source type? What can you learn from it? How might a student and/or professional use it?
  2. How do you use the tool where this source type can be found?
  3. How can this source type help you ideate your three paths? How can it help you prototype your three paths?

Have one member of your group take notes to share with the rest of the class, so everyone can learn about each source and tool.

Scholarly Journal Article

Scholarly journal articles are written by experts about the research they have done.

Find more scholarly journal articles by engineering and computer science researchers in:


Standards are published documents from professional engineering issuing bodies that establish specifications and procedure designs to ensure the reliability and safety of products, materials, structures and/or services.

Find more standards like this one in:

Trade Journal

Trade Journals are written for professionals working in certain fields. Often they are published by professional societies, associations, and organizations. 

Find more trade magazines for engineering and computer science professions by researching professional organizations, like Association for Computing Machinery and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).


Want to watch a video to learn about something, or learn how to do something? We've got videos, including lecture and how-to videos like:

Find more videos in:

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