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Finding Your Flow with Citation Management Tools: Advanced Workflows

Highlights pros, cons, and special features of Mendeley and Zotero citation managers

Citation Management Workflow - Zotero and Mendeley (Recording from Sept. 19 Session)


  • Direct Mendeley to save PDFs to Google Drive, Dropbox or other third party storage service
    • Helpful instructions for Mendeley > Dropbox from Uncommon Grad blog
      • For saving to Google Drive, follow steps in above link, then
        • Download Google Drive (if not already on your computer)
        • Choose folders for Selective Sync (if you don't want your entire Google Drive stored on your computer)
        • Create a folder named something like "Mendeley Library" where your library and article PDFs will be stored
        • Then tell Mendeley to store the library in this location via Preferences as described in Uncommon Grad blog post
  • Automatically rename and sync PDFs as they are downloading
  • Regularly save your library in Bibtex or RIS format to flash drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or third party for backup


  • Download and install ZotFile if you want additional note-taking and annotation features
  • Through Zotero's Add-Ons Manager> Zotfile Options> General Settings Direct Zotero to save PDFs to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other third party storage service (create a folder called something like Zotero Library to save your files to first!)
  • Explore Shared Group Libraries
  • Consider Juris-M for multilingual research (see Adam Lisbon's guide for Multilingual Reference Management)