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FREN 5350: French Enlightenment: (Yamashita): Keyword

Related Terms


Keywords and related terms will emerge from your topic of research. Creating a map of your keywords and/or related terms will help you. Keywords will help you:

  • Find information
  • Limit your search
  • Filter your search

Some keywords and related terms for convents in France in the 18th century are: couvent, abbaye, religieuses, novice, abbesse, siècle des lumières, des esclaves, XVIIIe siècle and France.


For more information see Strategy: Search terms

Boolean Operators

It is helpful knowing the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. These operators help you find information in the university's search platforms and databases.

The graphic shows how the operators AND, OR and NOT work in your search:


dog AND puppy = will retrieve titles that contain both terms in your search. 

graphic shows example with Boolean operator AND. If you look for dog AND puppy, both terms will appear in each one of the responses


dog OR puppy = will retrieve titles that contain both or either terms in your search. 

Graphic shows that if you search for dog OR puppy your results will have items with both or either term.


dog NOT puppy = will retrieve titles that only contain the term "dog." This search will exclude titles that contain the term "puppy."

Graphic shows that if your are looking for information on dogs but nor puppies, you could use the operator NOT to exclude the term puppy


Tip: Not ot all search engines use Boolean logic. For example, you do not need to use these operators in Google Scholar or when your are doing a search in Google.

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