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RLST 3250 Mediterranean Religion Before Modernity (Catlos): Finding Books

This guide provides helpful resources to complete the book review and research paper in Professor Catlos's Mediterranean: Religion Before Modernity course.

Finding Books at CU

Tips for keyword searching:

  • Searching with “and” narrows your search, retrieving fewer, yet more specific, results.

  • Using the asterisks (*) at the end of the root word will retrieve results where that word has different endings. For example, searching religi* will retrieve results with religion, religions, and religious.

  • Think of synonyms, related terms, and alternate spellings! For example, use “Quran" or "Koran" when searching for information about the sacred text of Islam.

  • Once you find a book that interests you, make sure you write down the whole call number and note if the book is available and where it is!

  • Find relevant books in the stacks and look around that book to see what else you can find. Books with similar subjects will be near each other on the shelves.