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FREN 3500 (Kilbane): Find Sources

Newspaper Articles and Scholarly Articles

 Newspapers are organized with different types of articles - news writing, recurring columns, opinion pieces, analysis pieces. Some of these articles are investigative articles and long-form articles.


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Scholarly articles are published in Academic Journals. They are considered secondary sources because they provide commentary and analysis about primary sources. Primary sources relate to original sources or the original creation. Some primary sources are films, archival papers, photography, manuscripts, government paper and diaries. 



Google News


Recommended Databases

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Combine Search Words

AND  link words by AND to search for all words in the same resource

OR  link words by OR to search for one word or another (instead of both/all words)

NOT  to eliminate results with a certain term

“Quotations” – add quotations to a group of two or more words to search for the exact phrase 

Investigative Journalism