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FREN 3100 (Bloomfield): Find Academic Sources

Beginning French Literature

Recommended Background Sources


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Through a library catalog, you can find all the materials owned by the library in all formats. Databases specialize on areas of knowledge. You can have a database of images (photography, paintings, architecture,) a database of videos and audio visuals and a database of news articles around the world. Many databases contain full text scholarly articles.

For our purposes, we will look at sources containing examples of literary forms (poetry, fiction, drama, essay)  of French literature and information about critical writing.

Scholarly articles are published in Academic Journals. They are considered secondary sources because they provide commentary and analysis about primary sources. Primary sources relate to first hand creations such as films, archival papers, photography, manuscripts, government paper, diaries or things you might find in our Special Collections & Archives. In other words, primary sources refer to original sources.

OneSearch: Simple and Advance Search

OneSearch is a search platform whose Simple and Advance search features may help you with your search.


  • Use the filters to manage your search by full-text, content type (journal), publication date, language, and more.
  • You can refine your search based on the needs of your assignment. For example, if you project requires scholarly articles, you could select the filter "peer reviewed" or "journal article". Similarly, if your assignment requires you to find books, you would like to select the filter "book-ebook."


When you download a title, you should be able to find your search terms in the abstract, keywords, or title, and hopefully within the content.

Search Exercise

Do a simple search with the following terms: What do you see in the result page? Then, try a search using your own search terms.

"Marie Darrieussecq" AND Truisme OR pigtales

Summer 2021: Libraries' Services

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