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IAFS 4500 Refugees and Migration (Snyder): Find Data & Statistics

Data & Statistics

Site Search

A site search is a powerful tool for smart web searching and finding statistics. Put simply, this is a Google search that limits results to certain types of websites. In Google (or any other search engine), you type your search term, the search function "site:", and the domain of the website that you want to limit your results to (like .gov or .org)


Example 1:

This site search limits results to websites within the .gov domain 

Example 2:

This site search limits results to websites within the domain

Find Data & Statistics

Find Data & Statistics

Find Data/Stats Strategies

Go to the source - ask yourself "who cares?" Who cares about this topic enough to collect data?

Follow the breadcrumbs - lots of stats can be found in the secondary literature. Look for citations to data/stats in articles, reports, and even news

Use Library resources- the library spends a lot of money on subscription resources. Many of these are strictly for data/stats! Check out our offerings in A to Z Databases Statistics